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BBC and 'Climate Change'

Bishop Hill has been doing some interesting research into the growing use of the term “climate change” instead of “global warming”.

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…and asks…

So is this evidence of the BBC pushing an agenda? Perhaps. Probably, even.

The only problem being that if an agenda is being pushed it would appear to be the denial agenda:

We have spent the last seven years examining how best to communicate complicated ideas and controversial subjects. The terminology in the upcoming environmental debate needs refinement, starting with “global warming” and ending with “environmentalism,” It’s time for us to start talking about “climate change” instead of global warming and “conservation” instead of preservation. 1. “Climate change’’ is less frightening than “global warming ” As one focus group participant noted, climate change “sounds like you’re going from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale.” While global warming has catastrophic connotations attached to it, climate change suggests a more controllable and less emotional challenge.