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As mentioned before, in May I’m cycling with a group from Amsterdam to London. It’s going to be over two days, with distances of 80km on day one and 130km on day 2.

Although I cycle a fair bit through the week when commuting (about 16 miles a day), I haven’t cycled these distances in a long time so I’ve been doing a bit of training:

*Training Ride 1: Distance: 44.1km, Time taken: 2.9 hours, Average Speed: 15.1kmph (9.5mph), Stopped Time: 0.1 hours, Moving Average: 15.6kmph (9.7mph) *

*Training Ride 2: Distance: 41.6km, Time taken: 2.8 hours, Average Speed: 14.8kmph (9.2mph), Stopped Time: 0.2 hours, Moving Average: 15.8kmph (9.9mph) *

…which means that at this rate it will take about 8.5 hours to do day 2, and that’s without any stops. Gulp. Also, this is most likely going to be with a hangover, given that we will undoubtedly pass the time on the ferry by imbibing.

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