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The Libertarian Party

Well it’s good to see the Libertarian Party nail their colors to the mast and it’s nice to see some different ideas for a change. Sadly it’s all spoilt by the usual ideological pontificating and transparently hypocritical nonsense that is the hallmark of libertarians everywhere. For example:\ \ The UK Libertarian Party - Libertarian Party \

Libertarians believe that coercive actions by individuals, or groups of individuals—for example, the State—against others can never be justified.

Well in that case how do you justify any of the sales or other taxes you propose? What if I do not agree to pay them? What if others do not agree to charge them?\

You currently have no choice about whether to pay Income Tax,

Sure you do. You can leave. There’s always Somalia. Indeed you don’t have to earn more than your tax free allowance so you can stay and pay nothing at all.\

so collecting this tax is clearly a coercive act on the part of the government.

Well OK. Of course thieves don’t want to pay for goods and services either, and also have to be coerced.\

The Libertarian Party proposes moving, within the first term of a Libertarian government, purely to consumption based taxes,

Oh? Will collecting this tax be coercive?

and then only on non-essential goods.

Non-essential according to whom? Is my bike essential? My laptop? My other laptop? My DVD collection? A night out? A takeaway? Bottle of wine? Who decides?\ \ How is this different from the choice I already have, about where and how much to earn? How is it morally different from the status quo, which I could easily argue only charges against non-essential income?\

Not only is this far fairer

How? What’s fair about the poorer subsidising the wealthy by paying proportionally more for what you deem to be their luxuries? And what’s unfair about having the wealthy pay more tax? After all the wealthy use the police more, use the courts more, and generally benefit more from property rights, and enforcement of contracts. They also benefit more from defence, and arguably they also benefit more from a society with decent healthcare and education. So why shouldn’t they pay accordingly? \ \ The UK Libertarian Party - Welcome \

We don’t say government is too big in one area, but then in another area push for a law to force people to do what we want.

No? Are your laws optional?\

We believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom from government—on all issues at all times.

Sounds great…\

We shall shift towards taxing spending, not income.

…what? I thought we were going to be free from government on all issues and at all times. And don’t libertarians claim that taxation coercive? Don’t they claim that taxation is theft? If so then why is it OK to steal in any manner or for any purposes? Aren’t some taxes like being a little bit pregnant?\

the introduction of a Swedish-style voucher system.

Paid for with what? Taxes? Isn’t that coercive? What happened to freedom from government on all issues at all times? \

This requires a well funded, trained and equipped professional Armed Forces (both full time and Territorial), geared for the defence of our nation and shipping

Well then we can’t have that. After all we were going to be free from government on all issues and at all times, and coercive actions against others are never justified. Indeed how are the Armed Forces going to be well funded if not by money coerced from pacifists? What if some people would rather see well funded education and healthcare? It’s their money, right?\

In line with the Rule of Law, a transparent, consistent points based system is one of our key proposed measures to humanely manage migration.

I thought coercive actions by individuals or groups of individuals against others were never justified? I also thought we were going to be free from government on all issues and at all times?\ \ As they scale it up, I predict these guys will be having fistfights over what is and is not ‘coercive’ and what is and is not ‘property’ before long. Anyway it is good to see Libertarians try to articulate their policies. Maybe after a while of attempting this they’ll learn to dial down the ideology and figure out that what they really are is Liberals. (ducks)\ \ Technorati Tags: libertarian, uk