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Megawords Submitted to the iPhone App Store

Update: my original app name was taken, so now the app has a new name. :-)\ \ Well, I’ve finally got round to submitting my first iPhone app to the app store. Wonder how long it takes to go through the process. \ \ Wordy Megawords is a tool to help with crosswords and word games. It includes a dictionary of over 400,000 words with wildcard, exact match and anagram searches, plus support for SOWPODS and TWL dictionaries. \ \ The basic word search features can be used without an internet connection. If you have an internet connection, Megawords can also look up word definitions for the search results in online dictionaries.\ \ Full source will be provided whenever I figure out what open source license I can use and still be compatible with the apple legalese - suggestions welcome.\ \ For support and questions once this shows up on the store, you can contact me on twitter ( Meanwhile, here are a couple of screenshots:\ \ image\ \ image\ \ image\ \ image\ \ image