Rearranging The Deckchairs

Frank O'Dwyer's blog is working very well for me for getting beta testers for my iPhone app. After just a day on there, I have lined up more testers than I have in the previous month from blogging and twitter. Some very high quality feedback, too. Recommended, if you’re developing an app and need testers. Another tip I’ve discovered is that if you have built and signed your app with an existing provisioning file, you can simply go on the ADC site and add new devices to that provisioning file, as long as you use ‘edit’ on the ADC site (i.e. modify the existing mobileprovision, don’t create a new mobileprovision). There is no need to do a new build. This makes provisioning new users an awful lot easier, as you just need to upload or distribute a new mobileprovision, the old app file should still work. (I always did wonder why Apple has an embedded mobileprovision file, and a second mobileprovision file distributed out of band (aside from making it as painful as possible to distribute apps by any other means than the app store and itunes). Clearly the device IDs encoded in the embedded mobileprovision file are just ignored. One of many stupid kludges in Apple’s signing process.)