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New Build of Word on the Street

v0.94a of Word on the Street is now available. New features: Basic search (search on any tags, whether they exist nearby or not)

There is now an option to use the metric system rather than imperial (i.e. km not miles). See under the Settings… menu to turn this on. Support for badges. Badges are awarded to you on various criteria, for example if you’ve added a place that other people find helpful. At the moment a handful of badges are supported on the server to illustrate this. More badges and different criteria will be added in future.

Support for ‘karma’ points. You can generally increase your karma and badges by adding and rating more notes and locations, especially if other users rate your stuff highly. More tags and longer place notes also give more karma, as long as other users rate your entry as helpful.

‘My Places’ now works

‘Me’ now displays information about you, including karma received, your rank compared to other users, and any badges you’ve been awarded.

You can change your display name to be something different than your login name (under the ‘Me’ menu item)

Rate places you’ve visited without being there (click ‘I’ve been there’ menu item when viewing details of any place)

‘My Favorite Places’ now works. Click the heart button when viewing any place to add it to your favorites (or to remove it if it is already on your favorites).

Note, the user interface for favorites is not yet finished and there is currently no feedback as to whether a given place is already on your favorites, other than looking at your favorite list from the main screen. After issuing this update, I’ve also added a ‘popular tags’ feature, and will roll that out in a subsequent update. I quite like this feature as just listing the most popular tags turns out to be an interesting self-organising list of useful categories. Most popular so far are food, restaurants. I may make this more of a central feature in a revamped home screen. Now, waiting for OS3.0 so I can ditch the clunky web-based maps and use the built in iPhone maps widget. Stay tuned.