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Eff My Review?

Via Daring Fireball

If I wanted to leave a review of your app I would have.

What about what the author of the app wants, you entitled asshole?

If the authors had wanted to sweat blood to give you an app for nothing, without troubling you with a simple request for a positive review after you’d been using the app repeatedly for months, I guess they would have.

(And no, as a user I don’t like the rating prompts either–but sheesh, the difference between what users ask of developers, and what developers can ask of users in return, makes me despair of humanity.)

Meanwhile Gruber suggests in response to ‘please rate’ prompts:

I’ve long considered a public campaign against this particular practice, wherein I’d encourage Daring Fireball readers, whenever they encounter these “Please rate this app” prompts, to go ahead and take the time to do it — but to rate the app with just one star and to leave a review along the lines of, “One star for annoying me with a prompt to review the app.”

As an app author I’d be extremely tempted to respond to such a campaign by submitting an update that removes all functionality and displays simply this:


(But that’s only because tattoing a 1 star rating on users’ foreheads is probably illegal.)